what I read before

Neil Gaiman ~ Sternwanderer Neil Gaiman ~ Stardust
no text for stardust here
God this one was sooo boring I didn't even finish it. It's supposed to be a thriller, but it's filled with footnotes (those are a pain already in textbooks, but in a thriller? Please!). A virus has infected humanity and the only cure is blood transfusions, this making blood the most valuable thing on earth now, having created even a new kind of religion that is based on blood. The story centers on a man who designs bloodbanks. Then his child and wife get murdered, he loses his job and decides to rob the bloodbank on the moon. I gave up reading there because it really got too boring, I read the end and it was just as bad as the rest of the book. Don't even touch this one.
Neil Gaiman ~ Niemalsland Neil Gailman ~ Neverwhere
This was wonderful and the best I've read in a long time.(More to follow here but I need to get this update done quickly)
Jules Verne ~ Reise um die Erde in 80 Tagen Jules Verne ~ Around the World in Eighty Days
It's a classic! What do you need a description for?
Ok, so I'm lazy here. Sue me.
german edition to be published on november 8 2003 J.K. Rowling ~ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
It's Harry Potter! What do you need.. (see above)
Dan Brown - Illuminati Dan Brown - Angels & Demons
A secret society, believed to have vanished centuries ago seems to rise again when a physicist is found murdered with their symbol burned into his flesh. A probe of anti-matter is missing from his laboratory and threatened to be used to destroy the fundaments of the Roman Catholic Church by not only blowing up the whole Vatican but also the council of cardinals who have assembled there to elect the next Pope.

Michael Marrak - Lord Gamma no english edition available
This is the story of Stan Ternasky who rolls down an ever sloping road in a Pontiac without a motor, through a landscape that is repeating itself every 180km, looking for clones of his wife.
Absolutely weird, unfortunately the story gets really weak and confusing at the end, but still a good read.