incomplete and abridged list of stuff vonnie wants and needs

my birthday is in:

* a special service for Chris

christmas is in:

my wishlist
my wishlist
my wishlist

a job
a 2-3 room appartment in Neuss, 50-70m, with bathtub, sunny balcony, cable and good heating
a new computer
a new closet
a digicam
a so very complete and extended DVD set of the LOTR trilogy ;)
new sneakers
the brandnew radiodogs album bender
a duvet
a DVD burner
a DVD player that plays DivX
more running zebra design porcellain
a bra that fits
a new mobile
new glasses
warm boots
a man
a Quantum Leap DVD release. Region Code 2 english/german ;)
a Lion King DVD
lion king musical tickets
rubik's master edition magic
rubik's revenge 4x4x4 cube
rubik's professor cube 5x5x5
a bigger HD
a renovated bathroom
more roses
silver and diamonds are always fine with me ;)
aneiki's new album
a jaguar!!!!
medium fries with mayo to go, please
oh, and I'd be ever so grateful if anyone would buy me ezsupporter!